workshop information

Interested in hosting me for a workshop? If we ever get back to the way things were, I’d love to show you my tricks, tips, and techniques.

Types of Workshops: Every workshop is unique. I am very flexible and can go with the flow, so if the students want to see something, I’m happy to do it. I like to show an assortment of items I make, or it can be all about glazes. These are flexible guidelines and I can do a combination as well. You can discuss with your studio members what they’d like to see, and we can make a custom workshop to fit their needs.

One day: One day demos are usually me demoing and students watching, however, I have done a one-day hands-on demo where students are involved in making too. I like to give a PowerPoint lecture and can do so the night before or that morning which usually takes between 30-45 minutes. Students like to see my scalloped technique and I often talk about my studio practices and glazing.

Two day, Hands-On: This one is the most popular option and I think students get the most from it. I demo something new every hour or so and students watch then try it for themselves. I can do a PowerPoint lecture that morning or the evening before. We end up making a good amount of work. I like to demo my making techniques and talk about glazing and studio practices. It’s best if students have some wheel throwing skills and can at least center and pull a wall.

Three to Four-Day, Hands-On Making and Glazing: This type of workshop includes making, same as I’d do in a one- or two-day hands-on demo, but students would bring one or two bisque pieces that we would glaze. A spray booth or spraying set up is needed for this and an electric kiln (or gas kiln) that can go to cone 10 oxidation. At home, I fire in an updraft gas kiln to cone 9-10, oxidation and layer at least three glazes on each piece by spraying them on. If your programmable electric kiln can fire to cone 9-10 and we can put a
hold on it and a slow cooling, then my glazes will work, they’ll probably look a little different but that’s the nature of the game. I always leave copies of my glaze recipes for students, too. And a power point is given at the beginning.

Travel and Lodging: Typically, the host provides flight or reimburses me for gas if it’s within driving distance. If I’m staying the night, I prefer a hotel, but I am not opposed to staying with someone if I have a private room with a real bed/mattress.

Daily Rate: please contact me for current rate

Lecture Rate: $85, this price is for a lecture given the evening before a workshop begins. If you’re interested in only a lecture the rate is $250 plus travel and accommodations.